Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things about me

1. I was part of the first kindergarten class at Friendship Christian. There were 11 of us in the class, 9 girls and 2 boys.

2. I went to Friendship from kindergarten to 12 grade. There were 6 girls left from that first kindergarten class. So we were the first to go completly through Friendship.

3. I was in Jr. high chorus and Sr. high chorus at Friendship. I never thought about being in chorus before Jr. high but I decided on the first day of 7th grade that it sounded like fun and joined. I loved every minute of it.

4. I went to Freed Hardeman and didn't join the chorus because I didn't know how to. About 4 weeks into my freshman year, I met some people in the chorus and they encouraged me to call Doc Rhodes so I did and I was in chorus for 2 1/2 years.

5. At Freed Hardeman, I lived in 3 different dorms (almost 4). I lived in Bradfield, Dixion and Hall Rolland. I was originally assign to Porter Terry but the day I moved in, they couldn't find my info but I soon found out that I was going to live in Bradfield.

6. My husband is 2 years younger then I am.

7. I met Kevin at Freed. It was my junior year. I had gone up to the radio station with my friend Betty and Kevin came down the hall. I had never met him before and I wondered why. I found out later that he was a freshman.

8. I learned how to ride a bike in about 5 minutes when I was about 6 or 7. Someone gave us a bike, I got on and my dad gave me a push and I started peddling and did not fall down.

9. I have never played any organized sports and I don't regret it.

10. The church that I went to as a teenager was a small country church where my dad preached. On Sunday morning we were lucky to have 35 people in attendance. There was one other teenager and she was my best friend and we were the "youth group"

11. Since I didn't have real youth group at church, I attended functions at College Street church of Christ with another one of my friends.

12. I have spent the night in a cave. I went with the group from College Street to Cumberland Caverns and we went on one of the tours that takes you through deeper parts of the cave with a lot of tight squeezes. After the tour we were able to spend the night in the cave. It was a lot of fun.

13. My father-in-law passed away 11 days before Kevin and I got married.

14. I truely wish that my father-in-law was alive to meet my children. He would have loved both of them.

15. The first house that Kevin and I bought was in Marion, AR. It was 867 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It cost us $54,000.

16. I miss that house.

17. I think that Kevin is the smartest person that I know. He is always on top of current events and I can ask him anything and he will give me an answer that I trust. He can also fix just about anything. When someone comes to him with something that they need help with and he can do what they need, I am so proud.

18. I LOVE to read. The mornings that I am home, I am usually reading a book while I am drinking my coffee and John Derrick is watching cartoons.

19. My favorite author is Laura Ingalls Wilders. I usually read through the whole set of Little House books about once a year. I also try to find biographies to read about her. She is a fascinating person. Her books, although fiction, are about her and how life was back in the 1860-70's

20. My biggest fear right now is not that Kevin will lose his job because of the economy but that the company that he works for will make him move back to Memphis.

21. I wish I could be an children's book author. I think it would be a lot of fun but I can't think of anything to write about.

22. I wish I could be more organized and I try really hard to be but the harder I try the more unorganized everything gets.

23. I think the Payton Mannings MasterCard reward point commercial is so funny. I laugh everytime that I see it.

24. I sometimes wish that the news was animated because then I think the kids would let me watch the news occasionally.

25. I think that my children are beautiful. I still can't believe that I was blessed with such beautiful and special children. I love watching them play and discover things. Everytime one of them tells me that they love me, my heart melts.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Did I mention that Faith does NOT like change either. I guess I have some crazy kids but then I am crazy myself. Our furniture is falling apart. Our recliner that we have had for 9 years is sinking to one side and the lever doesn't stay on. The couch that we bought apart 3 years ago has a broken frame(Note, never ever buy anything from Ashley Furniture). My loveseat that doesn't match anything is the only decent piece of furniture that we have but it is 12 years old. And not to mention, my dining table and chairs has to be 50 years old (it was my grandmother's). I only have 2 chairs that can be sat in. The other two have great big holes in them where the weaving it coming apart. I told Kevin we would definitely get a new recliner sometime soon but it couldn't wait. So we went to DT McCalls and found a sectional with 4 reclining ends!!!! We bought it and it will be delivered Tuesday afternoon and the rest of the furniture (except the table and chairs) will be leaving with the delivery drivers.

Faith was excited at the store. She liked what we picked out and said it was very comfortable. BUT then it hit her when we were on our way home that our old furniture was going to be gone. She didn't like that idea. She was actually sad. She thought that we needed to keep the furniture. Where I would like to know?? The only piece that is worth keeping is the loveseat but I just don't have any use for it. She'll get over it. I just hope that this furniture holds up like it is suppose to.

Well, John Derrick is getting use to his carseat. He likes that he can unbuckle himself as soon as we get home. If you do ask him what he thinks about his carseat, he will tell you, "This carseat is old and boring, I need my baby carseat back."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

John Derrick's Carseat

John Derrick does NOT like change. He is the only child I know that doesn't want to be a "big boy." He wants to stay little. He has been like this for the past 3 or 4 months. We have been trying to transition him away from little kids things like sippy cups and booster seats. Our latest transition was his carseat.

John Derrick weighs over 40 pounds and he is 4 years old. He was too big for the carseat that he has been using since he was 6 months old. It was time for a new one. The problem was that he really likes his carseat. I guess he felt safe in the 5-point harness and I felt safer with him in the harness, too. So I did a little research. I found a carseat with a 5-point harness that went up to 65 pounds that converted to a booster seat and then a backless booster but it was quite expensive and I felt like he would want to use a seatbelt in a few months.

Target had the Graco Turbo Booster on sale this week and that is the carseat that I really wanted to get him. So I got it. I showed him the ad and he didn't like it, he wanted the one that had the 5 point harness that was also on sale. I got him dressed this morning and told him that we were going to Wal Mart (decided to use their price matching instead of driving to Mt. Juliet) and we were going to get his big boy carseat and he told me that he was too little for it. So I resorted to bribing him. I told him that I would get him a toy if he would get a big boy carseat. So he reluctantly agreed. We went to Wal Mart and looked at the carseats. We found the one advertised and he told me that it didn't have yellow on it but he still let me get it.

So it was off to the toys. I had offered to get him a Webkinz because he and Faith had been playing a lot with her Webkinz and I thought he might like his own. He told me that Webkinz were for girls but he did consider it. We perused the toy aisle. He wanted to look at the cars. We looked at the cars. We made it down to the Disney Cars. He looked at all the cars. I tried pointing out a few and he picked out two cars which of course were not the $3. He picked out a Mack truck and a Mini Lightening McQueen with a trailer. He knew he had me if the palm of his hand. I didn't want to upset him because this was his treat for getting a big boy carseat so I let him get both. Thankfully he loves playing with his cars so I know this won't be wasted money.

So he is slowly becoming a big boy. I don't want him to grow up too quickly so if he wants to drink from a sippy cup a while longer so be it. He is still my little boy.

Today in History

Today history was made. That has probably been said a million times in the past 24 hours. America's first African American was made President of the United States. Wow. One thing that I find important about today is this history. Our children are going to grow up and be able to tell their children about the first African American president. This event will be studied in American History classes. Barack Obama will be the first.

We must pray for our president. He has at least four years maybe eight years ahead of him to make his name synonymous with positive change for America. He is human and he will make mistakes and he isn't going to keep all of his promises. But he is our president and we must support him.