Monday, August 2, 2010

A Daughter, a New Sister and a 5th Grade Student

I am proud to say that my daughter, Faith is also my sister in Christ.  Faith gave her life to God by being baptized on Sunday, August 1, 2010.  Faith has always had a tender heart and she has wanted to be baptized for a while now.  When it was brought up, we (Kevin and I) talked to her seriously to make sure that she understood what it meant to become a Christian.  She was very sincere and we knew that she was ready to take that step.  So during the Sunday night worship, she went forward, confessed that Jesus is the Son of God and her granddaddy baptized her.  It was such a special moment that she was able to share with all of her friends and family.

The day was a good day.  That morning, her cousins, Emilynne and Nathaniel, also gave their lives to the Lord and were baptized.  Faith and I went to the Antioch church of Christ to witness their special time.  Granddaddy also baptized Nathaniel and my brother Marty, their dad, baptized Emilynne.

This morning was Faith's first day of 5th grade.  She started a new school.  She is now going to Castle Heights Upper Elementary.  She has to wear a uniform now and she will be changing classes during the day.  Her best friend, Charrienne is in her class this year.  She was very excited for this morning to come.  I hope she is still happy when I pick her up in a few minutes. 

This is John Derrick this morning, sound asleep.  He starts kindergarten this year.  His first day is this Thursday.