Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In Memory of Brutus 1996-2008

Brutus passed away last night. I had noticed that he had not been feeling well for a week. He was getting sick about once and day and wasn't eating that much. I had told Kevin that Brutus didn't look well and on Saturday, Brutus hardley moved at all. Sunday it was worse, he wouldn't eat and could barely walk. We took him to the vet on Monday morning and the vet told us that he was suffering from severe kidney failure and there was very little that could be done. Anything that could be done would just be putting a band aid on the the problem. We decided that it was Brutus's time but we took him home so Faith could say her goodbyes. We were going to take him back to the vet the next day to put him to sleep but Brutus passed during the night. He was at peace and at home.

Brutus was my dog. After we got married, Kevin thought I needed a dog even though I didn't really think so. He had seen Brutus first. He had for some reason gone to visit some old friends and there he saw Brutus and he fell in love with him. The breeder had asked if Kevin had wanted Brutus so Kevin asked me and I told him no, I wasn't ready for a dog. A few months passed and the breeder contacted Kevin and told him that they were moving and needed to find a home for Brutus. Kevin convinced me to go and see him and of course I feel in love with him also, so we went home that night with Brutus.

Brutus got his name from the breeder. He was the runt of the litter and had a problem with his leg. But at just a few months old, we were told that he had gone after a much larger dog just like he was the big dog. Since he was so brave for such a little dog, the breeder called him Brutus.

I had told Kevin that when Brutus came home with us, that dog was going to sleep in a crate or box and for no reason at all was he going to sleep in our bed. Well, Brutus was already spoiled. That first night, I put him in a box that had a nice soft blanket and we went upstairs to bed. We lived in an loft apartment. The apartment was basically one giant room. The second we turned out the light, Brutus started whining and his whining turned into barks. We tried everything to get him to be quiet but nothing worked except putting him to bed with us and that is how our dog started to sleep in our bed.

Brutus was a very good dog. As a puppy he loved to play and he was always so happy. He was very good with children. If you laid down on the floor, he would come and start licking you on the face and the ears. Kevin's nephew used to love that. He also liked other dogs as well. When Kevin's brother Lonnie got his Yorkie, Brutus and Gizmo would chase each other around the house and they would "fight" with each other until they both wore themselves out. And he still liked the big dogs also. When we lived in Marion, AR, he would go outside and "talk" to the big dogs on the other side of the fence.

Brutus was our baby till our kids were born. When I was pregnant with Faith, I was put on bedrest at the end. I would sit in our recliner during the day and Brutus was right there beside me the whole time. It was very comforting. When Faith was born, he wasn't jealous. He would just stay out to the way but would come and cuddle with her every once in a while.

Brutus liked me the best. He always came to me when he wanted something. There were things that he would do that would drive me crazy. Like when we lived in the apartment in Hermitage, he would always wet on the floor and if he pooped inside, it was always in Faith's room and then later on it was in John Derrick's room. He didn't always sleep in bed with us just when it was cold and he wanted down, he would wake me up whining and I would have to put him down on the floor. Sometimes he wouldn't leave you alone until till you gave him what you wanted and sometimes there was no telling what he wanted. He also learned how to escape out of our backyard and people from 1/2 a mile down the road would call and say that they found him, scratching on their front door. Those were the times that I thought he was trying to escape John Derrick and find a new home.

John Derrick never realized how old Brutus was. He would try to play with him and Brutus was too old to play. John Derrick sat on him and pulled his tail and would cover him with a blanket but Brutus never snapped at him even though he needed it. Brutus just found himself a hiding place in our closet and there he stayed most the day.

I am going to miss Brutus. He was a good dog and he was my dog. The house feels empty. I kept expecting to see him in our closet curled up asleep or hear him snoring on his blanket behind the recliner. I will hear a noise outside and think that I need to let him back inside but he is here anymore. I have washed his blankets and cleaned his bowls for the last time but I am glad that he died at home with the family that loved him.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Desk for Faith

School starts this Monday, July 28. Faith will be in third grade at Coles Ferry Elementary. She will be in Mrs. Regina Wright's class. We found this out this past Monday when we went to school to register. I was glad because in the past we would have to wait till the weekend before school started when the teacher would call but this time they already had the class list ready so Faith got to meet Mrs. Wright. I think she will be a good teacher. Her space on the the Coles Ferry website was up and ready and full of information and I really like that.

We bought a desk for Faith this week. It's nothing fancy more like a table then a desk. We also bought her a chair for her desk. It is pink. She has been very excited about the desk. She sits in the chair to watch TV and she has been practicing her handwriting. She has been drawing pictures and cards. This year at school she is going to have more homework and I have been dreading this because last year getting her to do her homework was a pain mainly because she would get distracted by John Derrick. So this year, she can go to her room and shut and lock her door and do her homework in private without her little brother bothering her. So hopefully this will work and she will continue to make good grades.

I can't believe my little girl is going to third grade. I remember third grade. It was not my favorite year in elementary so I hope she enjoys her class and teacher.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Survived!!!!

I survived last week!!! We had VBS at church Monday - Thursday and the kids had their first week of swim lessons in the evening AND we had a yard sale on Saturday.

First VBS, the kids had a lot of fun. John Derrick was even excited. I had to help decorate the Saturday before. I had volunteered to make a train out of cardboard boxes. Of course I put it off till the last minute but I made a "model" of the Music City Star. It turned out OK. It wasn't as big as I wanted it to be but I did my best.

Second, swim lessons. Faith is taking Level 3. She is learning different strokes. I have gotten to watch her and she is really good. I think if she keeps working at it, she might want to join a swim team one day. She loves to swim and I think she could spend the whole day at the pool if I would let her. John Derrick is taking Pre-school level 1 and 2. He likes to go to the pool and he isn't scared of the water but he won't completely relax to let himself float. It will probably take a couple of more years before he starts to really swim but I am glad he is getting this chance now to take lessons.

Our yard sale went well even though it was very hot. Having a yard sale was our neighbor's idea and since I had been thinking of having one this fall, I decided to go ahead and get rid of our stuff. We had A LOT of junk. Our neighbors were wondering where we kept all of it. But if you have been married 12 years and have 2 kids, you have a lot of things that you don't need anymore. I put out a bunch of baby stuff that did not sell which surprised me but most of the toys that I had sold and all the pots and pans that I had sold. We tried to sell Grandmother's antique couch. Several people said it was pretty but no one would take it. 99% of the stuff that didn't sell went straight to Goodwill and I think my house is happy that it is gone. Now we just have to keep from collecting more stuff we don't need.