Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Gifted Children

I am bragging now. My children are gifted. It is true, they are gifted especially Faith because the school told us that she is gifted. Faith was tested last year to be in Coles Ferry Elementary's EXTEND program. EXTEND is their gifted program and last Friday, I got in the mail, the letter that she met the criteria to be in the program. I am so excited and happy about that. I have always know that she was smart so I don't need the school to tell me that but it is very exciting although, I don't think Faith really cares.

Well, John Derrick can't be put in a gifted program since he is only three (almost four!!) but I think he is fairly gifted. John Derrick has never been a talker. I was starting to get really worried that he would never start putting sentences together. It was when he turned three that he started to say more then mommy, daddy, and car. This summer he had officially started talking. He will say the funniest things like when he wakes up in the morning, he will tell me, "It's a boo-ti-full day mommy, it's a boo-to-ful day!" He doesn't get all his sound correct but that is what makes it so cute. If he wants me to open something, he says, "upen this mommmy, upen it 'leassssse" and marshmellows are "mar-moes" (and we all say mar-moes now)

Now if I could just get them to pick up after themselves.....