Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Little Graduate

We have a little graduate at our house now.  John Derrick graduated from preschool last week.  He has attended the Maple Hill Church of Christ Mother's Day Out/Preschool since it started back in 2006.  
The evening started out with the classes getting on stage and singing a few songs.  Poor John Derrick, he gets distracted easily.  He was quit concerned that Grayson wasn't standing exactly where he suppose to during one of the songs.  He spent the better part of this song, trying to get Grayson to move over.  (sigh)
After all the classes finished doing their part (all the classes from the 3 year olds to the 1 year olds).  The 4 year old class got to "graduate".  They got to wear cap and gowns and walk across the stage and receive a "diploma."  Is that not one of the most precious sights ever.

Here is John Derrick with his teacher Mrs. Rhonda.  Mrs. Rhonda was the best teacher.  She is such a sweet and kind and VERY patient teacher.  I am so happy that he had her as a teacher this year.  He has always had great teachers but this year was extra special with Mrs. Rhonda.  In fact, John Derrick told me the other day that he didn't want to go to school next year because he wanted Mrs. Rhonda as a teacher and I should call Mrs. Anita and see if he could come back next year.  

He is growing up too fast.  He started at our Mother's Day Out program in 2006 in Mrs. Penny's one year old class.  He was hardly talking at that time and now he is 5 years old, talking constantly and getting ready to go to kindergarten. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

This is not a lake.  This is a field about 5 miles away from our house.  On May 2-3, 2010, Middle Tennessee got rained upon.  It rained for two days straight.  We had over a foot of rain and that rain had to go somewhere and it was just not quick enough.  Middle Tennessee was hit with the worse flood in at 30 years.  It was bad.  Interstates were flooded and people had to leave their cars in the middle of the road and we watched the television show these cars COMPLETELY underwater.  It rained and rained and rained.  Downtown Nashville was underwater also.  The Cumberland River downtown crested at somewhere around 52 to 53 feet.  The Opryland Hotel had 10 feet of water in the Delta and Cascade conservatory.  The pictures reminded me of the movie Titanic when the ship was sinking.  Opry Mills was island in the middle of the water.  It was unreal to see the flooding.

The square in Lebanon flooded TWICE.  It flooded Saturday night but by Sunday morning the water was gone.  When we got back out to go to church Sunday night, we drove by and it was underwater again.  I actually do remember the last time the Lebanon square had flooded and that was back in 1988.
This is the Town Creek where it runs under West Main Street in Lebanon.  At this time the water was right at street level and it wouldn't be much longer before they were going to have to close off the street because of water.

Here is Maple Hill Road where the water had gone over the road and they had to rope it off.

This is Don Fox Park.  This is the park that we go to to play or walk and meet friends.

I could go on and on with the pictures that I took on Sunday night.  Monday morning we woke up to blue skies with white fluffy clouds and you would had never known what went on that weekend.