Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Vacation

We went on a family vacation last week. We went to "the lake". It was one of the best vacations that we have ever taken as a family. Faith remembers going to the lake so she was very excited to go and her excitement rubbed off on John Derrick.

We got there Sunday afternoon and after we got settled we went fishing off the pier. The only kind of fish that you can catch are small brim but it was so much fun. John Derrick kept on getting in the way and trying to reel in the line when we were putting bait on the hook. Faith was in charge of getting the crickets and throwing the fish back in the water.

Monday we stayed at the cabin. We were planning on swimming but that morning, Faith and I saw a snake in the water and I was just not willing to get in.

Tuesday, we went to the mountains. Kevin thought it would be fun to go swimming in the mountain stream. So we put on our swimsuits and packed a picnic lunch and had the time of our lives. We stopped at the picnic area between Gatlinburg and Cades Cove and ate and swam there. The kids had a blast. Faith was like a mermaid in the water. She made some friends and played with them while John Derrick found a spot and threw rocks.

Kevin got out to get something once and when he got back in he looked down and there curled up in a log was a snake!!! Right where we were getting in and out so we moved downstream a little bit. We ended up the day going to Cades Cove and taking the scenic route home. It was a great day.

Wednesday we went to the Knoxville zoo. We have Nashville zoo membership so we were able to go to Knoxville for free. We went late in the afternoon and it was really neat because all the crowds had left and we felt like we had the zoo all to ourselves.
Thursday we stayed at the cabin. Kevin and the kids went swimming. I still did not want to get in the water after seeing that snake. John Derrick stayed in for about 30 minutes but Faith stayed in for 4 hours. Faith really likes swimming.
We came home Friday. I think there were two reason that this trip was so wonderful. First because of the kids. They were so sweet and well behaved. John Derrick is older not so "high maintenance". I didn't have to always know what he was doing. He either stayed with us or was inside playing with his cars. Faith just loves going places and trips like this just gives her more memories. Second, Kevin and I were able to talk and reconnect. With him traveling so much and me being a mommy, we loose touch sometimes. But we talked and shared feeling that we hadn't shared in a while and I think we became closer and we are going to work on becoming more loving and rekindle our love.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Children's Eyes

My children have beautiful eyes. Their eyes comes from my side of the family. Kevin says that my eyes are the first thing that he noticed about me. My kids have my eyes, very large and very beautiful. They don't know this but their eyes are the reason they get their way so many times.

Last night, I got down Candy Land so Faith and I could teach John Derrick how to play. He did very well and we had fun. When we got done, I got down Hungry Hungry Hippos. Both of them had a lot of fun playing that game. When we got done with that game, John Derrick wanted to play Mousetrap. He would tell me "pleasssseee, Mousetrap game" Mousetrap has A LOT of pieces and I really didn't want to get all of that out. Well I was able to distract him with a bubble bath so we didn't play the game. This morning, he got up and ate breakfast and started with "Mousetrap game, pleasssseee. Mousetrap, pleassssee" I looked into his face and his eyes were shining and he kept on asking and saying please. But, because of his eyes, I got the game down and he and Faith played Mousetrap (after I put the whole Mousetrap together)

Last Tuesday, I planned on taking the kids to the library for the summer program. We could go at 10:00 in the morning or 1:00 in the afternoon. I was having a lazy morning and I didn't feel like getting dressed so I told Faith that we would go for the 1:00 program. So looked at me and gave me the most pathetic puppy dog eyes and said, "please, can we go this morning." Those eyes are the reason that I got up and took a shower and got dressed to go to the library at 10:00 that morning.

My children just have to get me to look into their eyes and they can get their way and I love every minute.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Here's to the first time.

Well, it is 9:45 on Sunday night and I am typing my first blog. This won't be long. I just want to make sure that this works.

Now I am trying to upload a picture. If this works, you will get the first chance to see my kids.

It worked. That is Faith and John Derrick at the beach.