Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cougar Awards, IKEA and Halloween, oh my!!

I need to catch up on everything that has been going on. October was a very busy month. First, to brag some more. Faith won the girl Cougar Award for her class. The Cougar Award is the top award given to a boy and girl in each class every nine weeks. I am not sure what the criteria is for winning it, but I guess the teacher decides who is the most deserving. Faith has wanted this award for awhile now and she was soooo happy to get the award. Third grade is going well for her. She has a wonderful teacher who is tough but very kind. She made straight A's this nine weeks and we are on our way to being the best student she can be.

We went to Atlanta over Fall Break and discovered the most wonderful store, IKEA. Ikea is a Swedish based company and they sell mainly put it together yourself furniture at very good prices. The store itself is twice as big as a Walmart supercenter. It has a restaurant, a daycare and stuff everywhere. I actually found a table and chairs that I want and hopefully after Christmas we can go back and get them.

We also went to the World of Coca Cola museum which was so much fun. We went to the Coke museum when Faith was 2 years old and since then they have built a bigger and better museum. They have a 4D movie, show how they bottle coke and of course you can try all 64 different flavors of Coca Cola from around the world. John Derrick was fussy the whole time. He doesn't like to walk, he wants to be in a stroller or be carried and we forgot the stroller and he is too heavy to carry so he fussed most of the time but he did like trying all the the different flavors.

Halloween was fun this year. Since it was on Friday, I think we had a lot more fun. Faith was Silvermist who is a Disney fairy. I actually made her costume. I took her old Cinderella costume and added a few things to it and made her wings. She was very happy with it. John Derrick was Batman. I found his costume at the consignment sale and he was proud of it. Everyone came to our house that night and I made a Halloween feast and then we all went out trick or treating (well Penny, Granddaddy and I went with the kids. Kevin stayed at home to pass out candy and Grandmommy stayed warm inside) It was a great night.