Tuesday, September 7, 2010


John Derrick has started Kindergarten!!!!  He is at Coles Ferry Elementary and his teacher is Mrs. Rachel Denton.  I am so happy to have Mrs. Rachel as his teacher.  Mrs. Rachel graduated from Friendship Christian School where I went.  She was in my younger brother's class.  Her mother worships at the Maple Hill Church of Christ with us.  This is the first year that I have known one of my children's teachers.

John Derrick is doing great in school.  He was not too happy to start school.  On the first phase in day that he had, he cried.  He just boo-hooed and I had to leave him there crying.  As a mother's day out teacher, I have often told my parents that their child will be fine if they cry as mom is leaving.  Now I realize that maybe the child will be fine but the parents have the roughest time.  But John Derrick was fine on that first day.  He is still fine and I am seeing that he is really learning a lot of things.  He is making new friends and is telling me everything that he is learning.  It should be a good year for him.